galvanii is the manufacturer of furniture with galvanized steel as main material. At galvanii, We believe in smart design that lasts over decades. We incorporate aesthetic design with quality materials. Through our expertise in hot-dip galvanizing, along with cutting-edge design, galvanii’s collections offer furniture that comes under unique concept to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Zinc is a natural substance, essential to human and all organic livings. For galvanii, zinc is utilized in galvanization process, resulting in galvanized steel that offer decades of lasting furniture. Through the use of long-lasting and 100% recyclable material, we help create the path toward sustainable development.





Chamfer Collection


Chamfer has amazing design. As the name suggests, the collection employs light and shade technique by applying bended and bevelled angles. When placed outdoors, Chamfer would reflect different mood and tone along the day.

Contour Collection


Add the fun to your outdoor!

galvanii’s signature collection of outdoor bench and table, Contour hold the curve that makes outdoor areas livelier than ever. Besides, the collection is customizable in different colors. Each possesses its own mood and tone, which would reflect your individualism.

The collection offers a rust-free and lifetime protection thanks to galvanii’s hot-dip galvanized round bar. Also, we employ the same painting technique as that used in maritime industry. So you can be sure the color will last long as the furniture.

Contour Collection brings you a set of unique designed and fully functional furniture, consisting of table, bench and stool. With galvanized steel, Contour will last long in every environment.