GRID’s collection is a combination of easy chair, sofa, and a coffee table for living room, balcony or your favourite corner. The collection also covers dining table and dining chair ; perfect for 2, 4 or we can custom the size, top, seating and colors as well.     


Divide your space with our aesthetic design space-divider. SHADE goes even better with trees, creating the harmonized contrast between raw materials and the nature. The perforate galvanized steel offers different reflection throughout the day, like painting on a canvas.


Firm and beautiful GABION can Enrich your space or outdoor area perfectly. galvanii employs the GABION function and ideas into furniture that adds value to your garden Go black, white or mix the rock as you like.


MOF – Move Outdoor and Face life One of Galvanii’s 2017 design, MOF come in different pieces. The purpose of the design is to fit in every layout you prefer. MOF is our take on presenting comfortable outdoor living. We add the hidden space for books or drinks or whatever that help you enjoy fresh…

CROSS sunbed

CROSS uses a round shape as a sign of user friendliness. Circular design helps curb the rough image of outdoor furniture you are perhaps used to. Size and proportion is primarily designed for comfort and fun for the whole family. The bigger design of CROSS comes with 1800 mm diameter for the parents and the…

AUNGLO Lantern

AUNGLO Lantern, one of our 2017 collections, is designed to illuminate your space with its unique way. The collection is the combination of our cutting edge design, and expert craftsmanship in the material. With flickering candle shine through the one of a kind design, AUNGLO Lantern will create the whole new relaxing atmosphere in your…

Contour Collection

Add the fun to your outdoor! galvanii’s signature collection of outdoor bench and table, Contour hold the curve that makes outdoor areas livelier than ever. Besides, the collection is customizable in different colors. Each possesses its own mood and tone, which would reflect your individualism. The collection offers a rust-free and lifetime protection thanks to galvanii’s hot-dip galvanized round bar. Also, we employ the…